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Fall in the Suburbs

I don't think any state can rival the fall colors in the Maryland suburbs, not even New Hampshire. I never knew about how autumn could make a person fall love with nature till I moved to Maryland. 

But fall here has a way of capturing your heart and making you wish that no other season ever existed. I honestly think it is a bouquet of colors before the winter hits, snow storms and unpredictable flight statuses. It is also a wonderful opportunity to go for those last long walks before the days of rain and cold prevent you from walking in any way that is pleasurable. 

I have been enjoying quite a lot of things lately: making pumpkin bread, traditional Neapolitan dishes like meatballs and melanzane ai funghetti, and last but not least going for long walks and just admiring the striking colors of the trees. I can't get tired of looking at each tree's beautiful changing colors and just getting mesmerized in how beautiful nature can be. It really is the most serene time of the yea…

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