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Giving our All

4th Joyful mystery

In our society giving our all can be overwhelming. Studying the max in college and loosing nights of sleep. Having a successful - attractive - intelligent - funny and unique social media account. Appearing nice to family or nice enough. Pleasing our own ideas of career and what to give up for that or how to present ourselves for that. Sometimes giving our all can be great and brings out the best in us such as virtues of being industrious, generous and practicing patience with self and others. Other times the thought of what we must be and can't be in comparison with others is downright depressing.

The quotes online about giving 100% are endless. The magazines devoted to self-improvement monetize on it. But what is really all the hullaballu of giving our best to life all about? Isn't it all going to end one day anyway? Then what? So how should we give our best on earth. Let's see what Mary did. I really love this Mother of ours!

One thing the Virgin Mary …

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